Agnia Prime also known of Tsevorda, Antares, and Antaria. Have over the 7220 kilometers and moons of 5. Have Continent named of Nahel Seleufid Pangaea. and Cities have on Huntingtonia, Cydene, and 3 more cities.

Discovered date: 4661 AD

Map Edit

Beta Antares

Map by Galactrography Planetary Map and Supercontinent Nahel Seleufid or the Al-Maitsa (AKA El Meicha). Like a Pangaea Continent

Type Planet: Alesian Terrestrial

Cities Edit


Overscaled by Manhattan City, this is the Largest City in Agnia called 1st greater city.

An other billion people of Antarian.

Culture Edit

This written by the Ghaelden Junge Spee Metrichantria at the Echarian female discovers at by the sometime AT, this species is the Antarian Homothessanis and Antarian Homonahelium.

Notes Edit

Antar is known the strangest in planet on the Clone Wars Era in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series, and also, will are the Antarian starship named in Alzikah (Firma Heavy Battleship.

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