"That's a the supercarrier", the Alessia Dreadnought what by the used starship in the Celestia Nation Universe Alessia aka the Yth'ill (casperian language) meaning informed the supercarriers by compared on Cepheus Supercarriers and Regina Caeli Dreadnoughts, than diameter on 5201 m (5.2 km), at liked in the Aurelia II battleships and Gondwana starships.

Command Bridge Edit


In the bridge is there will are used Imperial Galactography Computers so now are the casperians and imperial officers. By at where, some you're will are decked by the casperians, like of Sol and the Ophelia.

Throne Room Edit


By the used will casperian ecclesiastricals and the human ecclesiastricals. Unlike of the Khanate people (no will be used by ecclesiastricals) by people is the Alessia's upper bridge room has been located, window lights by sometime many rooms.

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