This is Algeronian species located homeworld of Algeron IV.

Description Edit

The Algeronian Rugops this class an alien species, like at human size. If our the futurism tourisms discovers Stahlwald Bresden in 3656 AT. This time at histories at discoveries.

History Edit

13,445 BC: The evolution of Algeronian begins

5300 BC: The Invasion of Algeronia begins, that Azawatan attacks Algeronians

2434 BC: The end of Invasion of Algeronia

2018 BC: Kintian-Algeronian war

1859 BC: The Khaadwaur supervolcano eruption in Thereshin Tundra Desert, have Kintians dropps off an Nuclear Death Missile in Thereshin Tundra Desert

76 AD: Kintian-Algeronian war ends

19 AT: Algeronian arrives at Bajor Prime

132 AT: Algeronians colonies at Mars

143 AT: Humans first settles at Algeronia

323 AT: Terraforming at Algeronia

607 AT: Algeronians arrives on at Titan

955 AT: Algeronia has been terraformed

2626 AT: Khaadwaur became a stratovolcanic type

2900 AT: Khaadwaur eruption event

3656 AT: Human arrives at Algeronia, and discovered

Present AT: The Algeron City has been completed

Homeworld Edit

Known named on Algeronia, this is an the homeworld of Algeronians.

Algeron IV


Arrives and Discovers on Stahlwald Bresden in 3656 AT, moons at only called of Y'thoub.

Language Edit

Known as Algeronian (Algeronese: Al'Gharan)


The Algeronese, since of 2500 BC