The Heavenia (Belle Hades, Delta Trianguli 3a) that like world of the Terra, this Terran type Terrestrial planet it's known of the Latin Language, at world type the Ecclesiastrical Type World (Imperium World).

Cities: Plutovale, Belle Hades City, Plutopolis, Plutonia, Hadeopolis, Plutoid, Lithos, Eridanus City, Nuclania, Nuclene, Styx, Lilith City, Elysian Fields, Scythe, Magma Hills, Marish, Demonis, Infernal, Nucleck, Necropolis, Nuclid, Acheronia, Deathian, Nuclear City and Hades City

Continents: Plutonica and Nuclea

Oceans: Acheron Ocean, Styx Ocean, Nucleck Ocean, Plutonium Ocean and Phlegethon Ocean

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Heavenian City "Acheronia"

This the Belle Hades' greatest city is named the Acheronia, that by country of Acheron, and located on the Heavenian Sector Provincial.

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This known object on the Heavenian Continent as Plutonica and Nuclea by will for the while have Galactography Planetary Map and the Heavenian Research and Development

Have well are the cyberkinetics over thousands several cities Acheronian People, and cause the cars and hovercars known named of Acheronian Telemonium

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That known of the Heavenian Homoavensis at class humanoid Belle Hadeans of terrans have a like at humans. And also will reacting the several thousands belle hadeans at ecclesiastricals and caliphates.

Motto: Magnus Orbis et est Terrarum, Excelsior dies autem Reipublicae

Name Government: The Belle Hadean Confederation

Moon Government: Senatorial Republican Lethe, Tartarus Republic

Motto (moon): Est Lethes Reipublicae et malleo, Ecclesiam est dearum, et mona est Tartarus

Music: Nova Terrarum

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