Buucherel an animal of Cherylian species that be scaled. What! It's our the like camel an alien species the Buucherel Roh'cuuh (Intergalactic Traditional Language) there are in life on habitat the Cherylia. This alien camelian places on the desert, there like on the Saharan Camels.

Specifications Edit

Name Species: Buucherel Roh'cuuh (Camelius Aecsculapii)

Place on: Planet Cherylia

Designation: Camelian

Height: 1.75 meters of scaled the Human

Habitable Edit

The life with planet Cherylia also even the places of desert, and food of the Ovid Ogre Grass and Thoruid Grasses, on names of B. Yu'dheel, B. Eviw, B. Arvada, B. Shulguch, etc.

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