Caelus (82 Eridani 7, Anu) this is largest planet in 82 Eridani System, this known of type Vespenian Type Gas Giant Planet, like of Jupiter (Ringed), have on 5 moons is (Ellil, Nomos (Kishar), Nostrus (Anshar), Nergal, and Nabu) and 1 minor moon is 4137-1030081-3.4-Anu-I. At now, unlike of Tandrixian World. This is not of Caelus (The Tandrixians).

Anu Likes Jupiter Edit

At arrival of Anu opens of by Every Summer (Terra to Anu)

The Anuites Edit

Anuite Homoselenisis

Also known of the Caelians (Anuite Homoselenisis) Species. That known of name is Rhaandar Chervologh (born 5-Sep-11990 AT).

By first on life of the Anuites. Since of 2030 AD.

Humanoid Anuite.

Anuite Cyberneticus

This known of the Anuite Cyberneticus. By the scientist knowns discovered on 2219 AD, there is knownledging the scientists. The Anuites or the Caelians. You're known is will be discovered to by Marcelina Reika Dhershial at female driver ships.

Marcelina City Edit

This known over the Jungingen Marceline City. that known the center named of Telemon Tower. Over height is 40 kilometers of like EVE Stations (From Site of EVEpedia). And constructed by the Anuites in year 3121 AD.

Download the Celestia Motherlode: 82 Eridani System Edit