Casperia Prime additional there won't abbreviated has Casperian Federal Republic and the Cherylia Secunda by same the Cherylia Prima, like an Star Wars Planet Database: Csilla. This is as planet ringed like of the Cherylian Subtype Terrestrial and Terran Type Terrestrial. Colonized by the Humans at year of 13920 AT.

Horrible Histories of Casperia Prime Edit

Only 2500 BC, at mountain of the Phael type at supervolcano has been eruption on will during the 1500 years of the Before Christian, eruption will located on the Calbar Terra. And now of the Phael became at safe and will became the glacial mountain (Casperia Prime's today).

Stardock Headquaters Edit


That's known faction named the Casperian Manufacturer Shipyards, this are the homeworld the Casperians, at race by the like humans. At now the completed on the 14th Millennium AT sames the Cherylians. Construction over year during at 32 years.

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