"On the Heavenia planet, but like at the Terra" The Elysia this are type of the Mesoterran type terrestrial planet, also state named proper is "Unified Confederate Elysian Republics".

There is are the locations called named of Nea Kameni City, Hikari City, Surogua Small Continents, et cetera.

Surface Edit


In Nandya Terra

The surface contains at the like at Earth, but no toxic atmosphere, here is the Elysia's atmosphere like a Terra.

Cities Edit


The Capital City of Elysia

Called named is Scythia City in located of Scylla Terra, has the colonized by humanity is year 10443 AT. By many years in the future (After Tranquility) of the future era.

Moons Edit


The Lonita, moon of Elysia

This are three moons names in (Lonita, Meyrandar and Keylandar), note, there is the largest moon of the Elysian Objects called in Lonita, type planet Titanian Desert Moon, at over diameter is a 3810 km, of the like at the planet Mars, it's a the largest moon in Elysia but is the Saturnian Objects pre-same the moon Titan. This is race of Lonitian Humanoid.

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