Excelsior known planet name Gradius and Alula Borealis 4 but character home the Excelsiorians, team Excelsior but name character on David Excelsior Ramirez. At Excelsior's homeworld. At type planet is Pangaean Type Terrestrial, the like of planet Copernicus at E-class and Thorvaldsen on O-class.

A continent named the Pangaea Mycrenia. And Cities his named of Phalnar, Theus, Astriana, Ninurta, Ysidix, Sycoraxia, Ananchus Civitas, Bellinda, etc. Seas called name is Praxis Mare and Korhal Mare. And Ice polar cap continents named of north (Phaetonia Glacia) and south (Vulia Glacia).

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The Bellinda has biggest city in the Junge Terra, Excelsior that's closed view the city in established on M8 AT. On the Gradius' habitable in the humans (Gradians) or Excelsiorians many of Bellinda's habitable planet in the Excelsior. The Excelsiorite Terra he is places the summit mountain named on the Lophus Mons like the Everest Mons. And last, the Lathex Chasmata in the named objects on the Great Lake of the Julius Rhaandarii.

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There was an Gradius but not a games in the Gradius III. But his on created gradius_fanatic.

And renames at the Captain Macula called named in Excelsior. And seriously, this is not a gamers, Haha, Holy Aegir!