MSI Jebbediah is this created by the Zebua 15, 1390 EIC. Also the known the Lucifierians into the Jebbediah's crew in the Psamanthe-class Shipyards. Is a length of 1800 meters payloaded on Imperial-class Star Destroyers. That's in Minotaur Imperial Security Navy and Bureau Headquarters this constructed samed on Lucifierian Shipyards belong me the Lucifierian Navy known as the MSI Lucifier.

Other named starships:

  • MSI Zebua
  • MSI Willona
  • MSI Tharshesh
  • MSI Belsmuth
  • MSI Dionysus II
  • MSI Hromi
  • MSI Jebbediah
  • MSI Eternae et Caelorum, Et Cetera.

Armament is liked laser autocannons, anti-spacecraft autocannons, anti-aircrafts, anti-vehicles, turbolasers, plasma torpedo launchers, missile launchers, nuclear missiles, laser beams. Also complement is liked the vehicles, walkers, and starfighters (spacecrafts/small crafts).