Gliese 581 is located on constellation Libra. In exoplanet star system in colonized on year AE 30. The After Earth (Anno Externa) more some years into the discovers on 3rd millennium AD into the exoplanet largest to called b (in Gliese 581 system).

Gliesw 581 b

Gliese 581 b (N-class)

Name SemiMajor Axis Type Radius Planet (th) Size Number
Gliese 581 e 0.0446 Titanian 8424 km 1st 6th
Gliese 581 b 0.0555 Neptunian 29719 km 2nd 1st
Gliese 581 c 0.0830 Titanian 13144 km 3rd 4th
Gliese 581 g 0.1339 Titanian 8970 km 4th 5th
Gliese 581 d 0.2179 Titanian 13897 km 5th 3rd
Gliese 581 f 0.7598 Plutonian 15523 km 6th 2nd

Only 6 planets

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