Gondwana (at there Hindi Language) aka the Punisher class Carrier, at by diameter is 3500 meters (3.5 km) as by like of WK40K Universe Imperium Light Cruisers. Will tactics all by the carrier most liked is the Yridia class Advanced Cruiser and so many this long makers by the Imperial Bylgjan Construction Station named of Themisto Stardocks.

And course of the Gondwana well through of an by Hangar Bays at by the complements.

Complement Edit

85000 Peoples

38000 Officers

46 Calgary Attack Buggies (APCs)

81 Firmafeng Walkers

105 Dervish Attack Vehicles

84 Rakushka Battletanks

141 Macula MkII Assault Tanks

242 UNC Warwalkers

2592 UNC Smallcrafts

Weapons Edit

1x Telemon Quadlaunchers

32x LC-602 Laser Autocannons

100x LC-250 Laser Autocannons

272x ARX-10 Main Laser Cannons

70x TUI-K6V Laser Cannons

48x Teletraan Energy Launchers

386x MC-119 Machine Cannons