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Earth (Terra) that known of by the Humans and Selenians, than called of United Nations of Celestia (Terran Union, United Planetary Stated of Terra, and the Union Terran-Selenian Socialist Republics or UTsSR).

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Today (2000 AD) United Nations Edit

The called on Modern Earth or Planet Earth, than by called Moon (Selena) by landing first on 1 AT (1969 AD) and now of 2000 AD, human become a 15 humans on habitat on life Selenians. NASA has founded (by 1958 AD)

Future (2050-2205 AD) Edit

On N.A.S.A becoming of the Pre-Republic. Over 4 billion people on life to Earth, and Selena becomes an colonized planet and 50 people life on Selenians. Pandora discovered.

On by 2100 AD, NASA has dissoluted by the United Nations

Hellenic Republic-United Nations of Earth (2205-3550 AD) Edit

Hellenic Republic Edit

By founded on Mikailos Oikoumene on July 13 2205 AD, by first Futuristic Orthodoxes appear, by built on city of Thessia (Athena) in European Region, and discovers by first on Alkalurops star (binary star)

United Nations of Earth Edit


USS Sojourner

Only previously on NASA Dissolution in 2100 AD, by now on UNE (United Nations of Earth) becomes a first starship on USS Sojourner, Julius Caesar class Exploration Ship, Sojouner's like on explores planets and stars than called on Explorationship, by produced on 2110 AD, and launched on July 31 2110 AD on fallen by will on Hellenics, only falls on year 2950 AD.

Rise of the Hellenic Empire (3550-4012 AD) Edit

Election attacked, fails by Hellenic Republic, now changed on Hellenic Empire, all matter thorns on absorb by Polyphia Black Hole, USS Sojourner dies by Polyphia's surface and destroyed by Oikoumene class Assault Cruiser, much on have habitat you must escape pods, and have been evacuated on planet Tellar Prime. Earth generates by 5th millennium AD.

Fall of Hellenic Edit

And by Planet Pelago is been destroyed on ISS Charon, Sigron class Dreadnought


The ISS Charon

Imperium of Man Era (4012-Present AD) Edit

4012 AD (Ecclesiastrical-Calliphate Era) Edit


This called on Terra our homeworld of Terrans and Celestians, AKA Planet Celestia on Celestian Spacedock appears on Shipha Peninsula Regio (Arabia Regio, Shifa Al Sadalmalik). Next a longer years ago, an Terra adds on the rings by year on 5030 AD that called on Calixis Rings.

Present AD Edit

There is a called on United Nations of Celestia

Terra (Celestia Planet)

There is present of Terra (Celestia). At 6 continents on:

  • Tellusia (North America)
  • Amasia (South America)
  • Mesoterra (Africa)
  • Imperatoris (Europe)
  • Nadia (Asia)
  • NeoAustralius (Australis)


  • Atlantia (Atlantic)
  • Pacifica (Pacific)

Notable Cities

  • Civitas Imperatoris (Berlin)
  • Al-Afiah (AKA El Aphia, Mecca)
  • Messieria (Ankara)
  • Cor Terrae (Washington D.C)
  • Khania (Anadyr)
  • Sevilla Nova (New York)
  • Shifa Terrarum est Civitae autem Exiguus (Indonesia)
  • Thellos Ring (Calixis Ring)
  • Selenia (Luna)