Specialis Republic of Bylgja (SRB) also known as the Imperial Navy. Several the species of humans are billions to many more populations of the Terra, have that founded that sames on the United Nations of Celestia.

Ship Class Edit

Escort Ships Edit

This is many lighter classes, in over a smaller meters to starship metres. Causes have lighters and more lighters. Do likes over the many Star Trek Starships in 23rd Millennium AD, and over the lighter by lighters many some the escort ships that called of Corvettes and Frigates.

Line Ships Edit

This an medium sized like of the After Voyager Starships (Star Trek) or also used by the Phoenix Command Group Univerese. Many sizes then by the medium, potentiality if you have being classes will cannot used by an the docked escort ships.

Capital Ships Edit

The INS Enterprise MX-2030 it's a Terran flagship, crewed by Captain Ronald Macula. At home the construct located in the Pithecanthropus Shipyards Research and the Development (PSRD) in the Imperatoris Continent, at will be used, I known that by the command and the captain. So, I've that by used on the battleships, cruisers, battlecruisers, heavy battleships, and carriers. By diameter is heavy meters at ship.

Deitystars Edit

Also Known of the Basestars (Megaships) or Deity Ships.At by the over diameter is known of a Mega or plus at meters that scaled on starship, of greater ships are beginning to the 4012 AD-Present AT, that known named designations of dreadnought, supercarrier, superbattleship, superbattlecruiser, supercarrier, and titanship.

Also Like Used Edit


  • Caliban Frigate
  • Seleucia (Deusmartum) Destroyer
  • Draconis Frigate
  • Cadencus Destroyer


  • Velaga Light Cruiser
  • Alitza Light Cruiser
  • Belle Hades Light Cruiser
  • Dauntless Light Cruiser (Republic of Macharia)
  • Cursa Heavy Frigate, etc.


  • Sol Battleship
  • Chernova Carrier
  • Ophelia Battleship
  • Thessia Strikeship
  • Gondwana Carrier
  • Velmas Carrier
  • Firma Battleship, etc.


  • Excelsior Dreadnought (pre-Imperium Era and Axanarii Era)
  • Regina Caeli Dreadnought
  • Alessia Heavy Carrier
  • Mnemosyne Carrier Dreadnought
  • Polydeuces Carrier Dreadnought
  • Roma Dreadnought
  • Cepheus Carrier Dreadnought
  • Iovis Superbattleship
  • Capricornis Supercruiser
  • Emperor Titanship

Notes Edit

At Yulai (this localed Korean Language) in the presumed history futurism has been closed on the switched on Neo-Korean Language, And so! There Bylgja after recomended history of the Nordic Language or the Scandinavian Language over after Aegir Dynasty and the Surtur Dynasty