Mac specific controls Edit

What Orbits to Display Edit

O: Orbits (toggle ON/OFF ALL selected orbits in the Preferences/General dialog box)

Shift+Cmd+P: Planet orbits

Shift+Cmd+M: Moon orbits

Shift+Cmd+A: Asteroid orbits

Shift+Cmd+C: Comet orbits

Shift+Cmd+S: Spacecraft orbits

Unsorted Edit

Cmd+Left Drag: Adjust distance to selection (Home/End)

Cmd+L: Open Go To Object dialog box

Cmd+B: Open Browser

Cmd+T: Open Set Time dialog box

Cmd+F: Toggle full screen mode

Cmd+E: Open Eclipse Finder

Cmd+C: Copy the cel:// URL of current position

Cmd+V: Paste last cel:// URL copied

Cmd+D: Add selected object to Favorites

Shift+Cmd+D: Open Favorites dialog box

Cmd+] History (Forward)

Cmd+[ History (Backward)

Cmd+M: Minimize Celestia window

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