October Edit

24-8-2018 Edit

Sadly, he's yesterday actives again and now of the breaker the website. The Omega13a has been got MBR overwritten that by TheNewtonianGamer quotes is "The Time is Over!" and will breaks with a website Omega13a's Planets. And so The Omega Galaxy has been broken website this are the FedTrek Nation's broken on the Celestia Wiki.


On 00:00:00 we'll broken the website, that "Network Error" changed the site this denied or this site can't be reached. Only well, very sadly you're FedTrek has got this changed Network Error, but Omega Galaxy is can't be reached. RIP. :(

30-8-2018 Edit


Battle lost of the planet Taema 4, our there will as Resistance Republic victorious and you have been defeated.


Sadly, Ninurtian attacks again on the Praetorian Empire. But the Ninurtian Loyalists have over heaviest lost the ships. And also Emperor deitystar has been defeated by the Ninurtian Starships. R.I.P :(


Newtonian Space Industries tries defeated on the Praetorian Empire and we have destroying the Type 4 Relofienian Starbase has will be destroyed.

11-9-2018 Edit

TheNewtonianGamer's conflict again this is at attacks the over 76 percent at lost colony the Starcode Systems in Praetorian Empire's Region.