The Mnemosynian Type or Mesoterran Type like on Alesia Prime, Vulcan, New Aedheria (Barisa Prime), and Mnemosynus (Himinglaeva). Turn unlike of Mnemosynians there is Masropha III (Ferenginar), and Vonchaugh.

Alesia Prime (Beta Tauri B 4) Edit

This is the Celestianizated on Tandrixian Empire (not of Celestia), have you will be uncolonized on by Celestia Colonization has Failed (on 7577 AT), and also this Celestia is named on Alesia Prime, and diameter on 6460 kilometers of like Earth.

Alesian Homeworld (Alesianus Margraretus)

Aedheria (Vulcan, Keid A 2.3) Edit

Mostly Al-adhariyah that arabic wroten by the Safavidians, late by 1545 AD the write on Arabian Language on Aladhariyah (Latin: AEdheria). And radius on 7221 kilometers like of Belle Hades, and discolonized after Orion's Arm Period.

Aedherian Homeworld

Barisa Prime (HD 166 3) Edit

Also known as New Aedheria. Radius on 6364 comparised on New Alderaan. Recolonized on May 4 14000 AT, That called as Dies Astrae autem novus ex Aedheris. By Since on cherylians, after destroyed on the planet QonoS. That called on Cherylian New Era (CNE 35 or 14000 AT), and so newer races aedherians same that compared on aedherian ships.

This is by cherylians have been colonized on planet New Aedheria

Himinglaeva (Ran 2) Edit

In Star Ran class G2V like a Solarian class Star. The Himinglaeva that called on Mnemosynus. After discovered by Runar Thorvaldsen in Denmark State (in 2015 AD has discovered on Star Ran). In 2445 AD, Terrans starts colonizing of the first Heimdall, the moon of Himinglaeva, this is Himinglaevan and Heimdallite denonym. At radius is

  • Himinglaeva: 6877 km
  • Heimdall: 2950 km

This site created by Runar Thorvaldsen thats by corporation Thorvaldsenian Space Discover (TSD). In planet Thorvaldsen (Berengaria VIII).

Himinglaevan and the Heimdallite Homeworld