Description Edit

Hellenic Republic Era (2205 AD-3550 AD) Edit

The Oikoumene (Greek: Οικουμένη) Oikoumeni or standing, at height of at 1505 meters of like at Solaris Battleship. Will unfortunately, the productors of like an Khrysaros cruisers and produced on year on 2205 AD (236 AT). This will be produced in a by longer producers an by the Hellenic Republic Navy.

Rise of the Hellenic Empire (3550 AD-4012 AD) Edit

An by Battle on Seleucid Prime because failed an Seleucid Criminal Crisis is completed, but had defend failed by Hellenic Republic falls by Hellenic Empire, no longer Greek Mercies, no longer Hellenic Heavenics, et cetera.

Imperium of Man Era Era (4012 AD- Present AD) Edit

Roman Era Edit

The Oikoumene has changed of by the Oecumenus class battlecruiser, after failed of Republican Election (3550 AD) .

Diocletianian Era Edit

Than Terra with a docking bay is coming possible named on Pithecanthropus Station at by city of Abu Dhabi and Ankara

Titan Era Edit


Oikoumene Mark II

An Oecumenus Mark II class battleship. Than designation of the Imperial Navy (Adeptus Cassiopeium). At by size extra on 1600 meters like an Solaris Battleship. This by Space Latins (Imperium of Man) and the Adeptus Cassiopeium by produced on year 9469 AD.

Present Day and Empyrean Era (AKA Imperial the Present of Years) Edit

By now, that's only like by Solaris and Thessia classes.