The Kryptonian Imperial Starship (KIS) Inexorablis Secum it's like of Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Exported and created by Kaplan (From Brickwars Universe, M-Throne Empire, nicknamed by Tyrant class Star Dreadnought).

Diameter on 2540.1 meters of the scaled by Resurgent-class Star Destroyers/First Order Imperial Star Destroyer.

Armaments of like laser cannons, turbolasers, and missile launchers.

Complement is the 165x MSI TIE Fighters, 95x MSI TIE Bombers, 200+ ground vehicles, et cetera.

NOTE: In Pellaeon overfollowed on the Valhalla-class Acclamator Cruisers. But names:

  • KIS Neimoidia
  • KIS Frankfurt
  • KIS Mjoelnir
  • KIS Velonna
  • KIS Coruscant, and
  • KIS Inexorablis Secum (flagship)