Planet also known of Planetary, Sphere Objects that called of Planetarium (on Latin), this types on Selenian, Titanian, Ice World, Terran (Terrestrial), Martian, Vulcanian, Oceanian (Aquarian), Jovian, Oikoumenian and Neptunian.

Selenian Type Edit

This no atmosphere that known called of Selenae, this like of craters and basins. So like first of Selena (Luna), and Mercury. This image is:This like of: Selena, Lethe, Derna, and Taranis

Titanian Type Edit

This make an atmosphere is cold and frozen. Atmosphere that reached by cold by cold on Celsius, that called Watered Desert.This like of: Titan, Chinook, and Concho (Theca Prime).

Ice World Type Edit

Coldest of surface temperature of frozen Celsius, that called Frozen Selenian. This at only the Vahldradan Mission first discovered on 4020 AD, unlike of Tandrixian Valdradans. This an Andria second discovers on 4027 AD. Image:This like of: Triton, Andria, and Vahldrada

Terran Type Edit


This called Terra, our home of Terrans and Humans, this known of Tellus, Primus Terrarum. That called the Heavenian Type Terrestrial World.

This located on Solar System this largest city called Novus Phoenicia at Civitas Imperatoris

Image is:Like as: Terra, Pangaea Prime, Yutani, Bajor, Axanar, Concordia, and Heavenia

Martian Type Edit

Mars and the Deimos

This Mars also known of Martis, Marta, but largest of city is Chandoria (Candoria), there is known of Desert Planet.

Mars have atmosphere is cool, but center Sun is Warm, and night is frozen

Images:Like there: Rezca Prime, Aesculapius, Asgardia, and Astria

Vulcanian Type Edit

The Vulcanian this called the volcanic planet or planet without life on volcano, no cities, building has mining station. Like is Khitomer, the hottest volcano in Gradius System.

Images:Like: Khitomer and Hel

Oceanian Type Edit

Berengaria VII

This Oceanian type like of seas and continents (also supercontinent). Many serveral by Terrans by colonized on the Pacifica.

Also Berengarius Prime this called Berengarian Supercontinent is Pangaea Dysnomia. At over thousands Thorvaldsenian Colonization many years by years. Image:

Jovian Type Edit


The Jovian that called on Aegir the largest on Ran System, he likes on Saturn, many several by moons and minor moons called Aegirite Moons, this are error this "Oh Shit, what this is, oh my, Holy Aegir!

Aegirite homeworld


Oikoumenian Type Edit

Bacterion Base

Only 1 liked on Starbase Polyphia, in orbit the Alula Borealis (Gradius), this known like a Death Star (In Star Wars). This known Cyberian Network like an Deneb Algedian planets, that most cyberian worlds known oikoumenian world are billions the oikoumenoids, life is cybernetic humanoid.

Neptunian Type Edit

Yulai (Bylgja)

The Bylgja is a Neptunian Type, that called The Bylgja Starport, known Bylgjans additionality humanoid Yulaians that city is Yulai Daemocratsiya Lutfianitsiya (Bylgja Democratic Civilian City), that rings as Dovran Ring, at life by the Bylgjans (Yulaians), in orbiting the Ran System.

This is Capital of Imperial Navy