Reaper this is class heavy battleship or invasion ship, that's not of the ship, is being classed on by the alien ships. In July 5012 AD, that founded on Christophsis (infested world), infesting by aliens. Now of the Reapers alien species. Diameter is 2177.35 meters.

Inside Edit

This known of the Reaper, this is an captain, but have no controllers, no bridge crews, and that called of Reaper's brain.

That species called of Infernonychus Nemestia, that scaled of the dinosaurs like of sauropoda classes. That's not of main bridge, and cyber-mutations.

Weapons Edit

  • 14 Quad Turbolasers
  • 34 Dual Laser Cannons
  • 12 Point Defence Ion Cannons
  • 2 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 102 Missile Launchers
  • 1 Prow Torpedo Launcher
  • 1 Laser-Killer

Complement Edit

  • 20 Starfighters
  • 10 Starbombers
  • 400 (+) Vehicles

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