This isn't nicknamed on USS Malachor NX-8867-B named called on Regina Caeli Dreadnought, diameter is 4800 meters or 4.8 kilometers feet long.

Complement Edit

  • 120 small crafts
  • Anything Shuttles
  • Anything Dropships
  • Anything Vehicles
  • Crew is: 109.000 peoples (10.9k peoples)

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • 60x Assault Autocannons
  • 40x Battery Cannons
  • 10x Turreted Laser Beams
  • 30x Laser Turrets
  • 10x Anti-Capital Laser Beams

Credits Edit

In Series: 700.000.000 Credits (700m Credits)

In C.U Codex: 756 Fleet Credits and 17 Plutonium Gasses

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