There is a Saturn class Supercarrier at length is 9500 meters in a scaled on Mount Everest, have many are this around will someones of the Titanstars and coursed that will be as used by supercarriers. Armament is mass turrets, cannon turrets, turreted autocannons, laser beams, missile launcher types, and nuclear missile-bombs. Complement is anything this ground vehicles, mechs/walkers, aerials, small crafts, and dropships.

Also named on:

  • The Sacred on Dulcinea
  • The Sword of Cherylia
  • The Lord Inquisition on Sydonius
  • Lord Solar Macharius
  • Lord Inquisition Sancta Bellica
  • The Shield of Organa
  • The Brighter of Hevae
  • The Braver of Vader
  • The Lord of Saturn
  • The Priest of Ultima
  • Lord Priest on Yildun

Created by: Anselhsiao627 (FractalSponge)

Directed by: The Lord Inquisition of Vesta