This page writed Celestia this software all shortcut keys.

Mouse Controls description Edit

Left Drag: Camera orientation -- Up/Down/Left/Right (also Up & Down arrow keys, and 2/8/4/6 on the Number Pad with NumLock enabled)

Right Drag: Orbit selected object (Shift+Arrow keys)

Left+Right Drag left/right: Roll view left/right (Left/Right arrows)

Left+Right Drag up/down: Adjust distance to selection (Home/End)

Scroll Wheel: Adjust distance to selection (Home/End)

Ctrl+Left Drag up/down: Adjust distance to selection (Home/End)

Shift+Left Drag: Field of View (FOV) adjust. (also . and ,)

Middle Button: Field of View (FOV) toggle -- between 45 degrees and previous setting

Left Click on object: Select object (Enter key -- by object name)

Left Click on no object: Deselect currently selected object

Left Double Click on object: Select and Center object

Right Click on object: Bring up context menu

Keyboard Controls description Edit

Navigation Edit

1 - 9: Select planet around the nearest star

0 (zero): Select parent star of current planet or system

H: Select Sol, our sun (Home system)

C: Center the selected object on the display

G: Goto selected object

F: Follow selected object

T: Track selected object (keep object centered on the display)

Y: Sync Orbit selected object at a rate synced to its rotation

*Lock two objects together as one (select object #1, press "f", select object #2, press ":")

": Chase selected object (orientation is based on the object's velocity)

Shift+C: Center/orbit--center the selected object without changing the position of the reference object

Ctrl+G: Goto surface of selected object

Ctrl+F: Alt-azimuth mode (toggle). Used with Ctrl-G (Goto surface). The Left & Right Arrow keys become Yaw Left / Yaw Right

Home: Move closer to object

End: Move further away from object

* Look back (Reverse view 180 degrees)

Backspace Edit

  • Select parent of current object or clear the selection:
  • - If selection is a location, select the parent object
  • - If selection is an object, select the parent object / star
  • - If selection is a star, clear the selection

Esc: Cancel: scripts, Goto, Follow, Track, Lock, Sync Orbit

Navigation via Arrow Keys Edit

Up Arrow: Pitch down (moves object Up)

Down Arrow: Pitch up (moves object Down)

Left Arrow: Roll left (rolls object Right)

Right Arrow: Roll right (rolls object Left)

Shift+Left Arrow: Orbit object: right (rotates object Left)

Shift+Right Arrow: Orbit object: left (rotates object Right)

Shift+Up Arrow: Orbit object: down (rotates object Up)

Shift+Down Arrow: Orbit object: up (rotates object Down)

Navigation via number Pad Keys (with NumLock active) Edit

8: Pitch down (moves object Up, also Down arrow)

2: Pitch up (moves object Down, also Up arrow)

7: Roll left (rolls object Right, also Left arrow)

9: Roll right (rolls object Left, also Right arrow)

5: Stop rotation

4: Yaw left

6: Yaw right

Motion (Spaceflight) Edit

A: Increase velocity

Z: Decrease velocity

Q: Reverse direction

X: Set direction toward center of screen

S: Stop motion

F1: Stop motion

F2: Set velocity to 1 km/second

F3: Set velocity to 1,000 km/second

F4: Set velocity to speed of light (1 c/second)

F5: Set velocity to 10x the speed of light (c)

F6: Set velocity to 1 AU/second

F7: Set velocity to 1 light year/second

Time Control Edit

Spacebar: Pause/Resume the flow of time and scripts (toggle)

J: Reverse/Forward time (toggle)

\: Set time: 1x forward (norm), cancels faster/slower x factors

L: Change time rate: 10x faster

K: Change time rate: 10x slower

Shift+L: Change time rate: 2x faster

Shift+K: Change time rate: 2x slower

!: Set time to current date and time

?: Display light-travel delay between observer / selected object

- (hyphen): Add / Subtract light-travel delay from current simulation time

What Label to display (on/off toggles) Edit

E: Galaxies

Shift+E: Globulars

B: Stars

P: Planets

Shift+P: Dwarf Planets

M: Moons

Shift+M: Minor Moons

W: Asteroids

Shift+W: Comets

N: Spacecraft

=: Constellations

&: Locations

What Items to Render / Display (on/off toggles) Edit

U: Galaxies

Shift+U: Globulars

^: Nebulae

Ctrl+A: Atmospheres

I: Clouds

Ctrl+L: Night side planet lights (light pollution)

Ctrl+T: Comet tails

Ctrl+E: Eclipse shadows

Ctrl+B: Constellation boundaries

/: Constellation diagrams

Earth-based equatorial coordinate sphere

Ctrl+K: Markers (placed on objects)

O: Orbits (toggle ON/OFF ALL selected orbits in the Preferences/General dialog box)

Render / Display Options Edit

{ Decrease Ambient Light

} Increase Ambient Light

( Decrease Galaxy Light Gain (Dimmer)

) Increase Galaxy Light Gain (Brighter)

[ Edit

Decrease Magnitude Limit:

  •   - If AutoMag OFF: Decrease limiting magnitude (fewer stars) 
  •   - If AutoMag ON : Decrease limiting magnitude at 45 deg FOV

] Edit

Increase Magnitude Limit:

  • - If AutoMag OFF: Increase limiting magnitude (more stars)
  • - If AutoMag ON : Increase limiting magnitude at 45 deg FOV

Ctrl+Y: Toggle Auto Magnitude (auto adaptation of star visibility to FOV)

, Narrow Field Of View [FOV] (also Shift+Left Mouse Button Drag)

. Widen Field Of View [FOV] (also Shift+Left Mouse Button Drag)

Ctrl+X: Toggle Antialias lines (ie. orbits)

Alt+Enter: Toggle Display mode (Full-Screen / Windowed)

Ctrl+P: Mark selected object (Marker display must be active -- Ctrl+K)

Ctrl+V: OpenGL Render Paths -- Cycle through the paths supported on your graphics card

+ Toggle Planet Texture Type (Artistic / Limit of Knowledge)

% Toggle star color table

Ctrl+S: Cycle the Star Style (points / fuzzy discs / scaled discs)

V: Cycle the Info text verbosity ( Terse / Verbose / None )

Ctrl+W: Toggle Wireframe mode

Multiview Options Edit

Ctrl+U: Split view horizontally

Ctrl+R: Split view vertically

Tab: Cycle through all active views

Delete: Delete active view

Ctrl+D: Delete all views except active one (reset to Single view)

Other Functions Edit

Ctrl+C: Copy location URL to clipboard (Cel:// URL)

Ctrl+Insert: Copy location URL to clipboard (Cel:// URL)

F10: Capture Image to file (screenshot)

Shift+F10: Capture Movie to file (video)

F11: While in Movie Capture: Start / Pause capture

F12: While in Movie Capture: Stop capture

~ Toggle debug console (display "file loading" information) Use to debug texture loading problems. Up/Down arrow keys scroll list

` Toggle display of "frames per second" (FPS) being rendered

Ctrl+O: Display "Select Object" dialog box

@ Edit Mode toggle (to assist in the placements of objects)

D Run demo script (demo.cel)

Enter Edit

Activate object/location name entry mode

  • - Esc to exit
  • - Type an object or location name and press Enter
  • - Type a partial name then use Tab / Shift+Tab to highlight an item
  • Enter will then select the highlighted item

Joystick Controls description Edit

F8: Toggle Joystick control

X axis: Yaw Left/Right

Y axis: Pitch Up/Down

L trigger: Roll Left

R trigger: Roll Right

Button 1: Move slower

Button 2: Move faster

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