Our home, this Sol also known of Homeworld System of the Humans and lifed planet known of Terra (Earth) and it's our moon named Luna or Selene. They are planets in the Solar System.

Name SemiMajor Axis Type Size (th) Planet (th) Moons
Mercury 0.387 Selenian 8th 1st
Venus 0.723 Venusian 6th 2nd
Earth 1.000 Terran 5th 3rd 1
Mars 1.523 Martian 7th 4th
Jupiter 5.203 Jovian 1st 5th 4
Saturn 9.537 Jovian 2nd 6th 8
Uranus 19.191 Neptunian 3rd 7th
Neptune 30.069 Neptunian 4th 8th

Star System Counts Edit

Planets: 8

Dwarf Planets: 5

Moons: 12

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