Naves in manu nostra, anathema te in via lactea, et uri. Mars aeternum

It's known of The Hand of Cadia as the Supremacy class Mega Star Destroyer then over 60 kilometers or 60000 meters. Armament various laser cannons, laser beams, turbolasers, plasma torpedo launchers, missile launchers, and nuclear bombs.

Complement various:

  • Anything: MSI TIE Fighters, MSI TIE Bombers, MSI TIE Raiders, MSI TIE Destroyers, MSI TIE Stuka Bombers, and another MSI TIE classes, vehicles and mechs has been added
  • Docking bay is the Invicta class Star Destroyers (MSI Star Destroyer)
  • Crew is several counts of peoples

Construction location: Cadia (Terra Nova)