The Reaper also known as the Aliens many some antagonists of species in the alien world of Reaper Prime planet (E-class) over kilometer as 7255 km.

Overview Edit

This hive cybernetic like of organic or exotic alienoids, combined by the cell Zeonium. Also known of race the Reapers. Will that by the 666 AD, an nebula Desdemona Nebula dies, and now become a Reaper Cluster (that site by the anti-human worlds), we're survived on the 22nd century AD. After investigating by the UNE Probe.

Species Edit


Rak'golth Alien Species

Rak'golth (Reaper Language) means of The Reaper. There was in the located on the Abalkh'nesis Continent. And city of Rakesh Hive City, this juveniled by the humans, like at size of human have over than 2 cm feet tall. Humanity can't be friended on the aliens (he's hostilled) by the Reapers (aliens), to do it the evacuations, many have cities has gone called on Vulcanian class Meteorites on the Reaper Prime, evacuated by since of the 21 December 2012 AD (Earth problem that by 666 Event) and destroyed cities many some that Republics and Kingdoms, all human species are dead, lifed on the Kepler 62-e (Fafnir).

Langauge Edit

This known Reaperese Language (aka Reaper Language). since of constructed by the Year 666 AD, no lifes that destroyed planet called Belle Terris, star of Bella Prime (G6IV) at outer rim and located by the Desdemona Nebula (by lifed on sinces by BC).

Hive City of Reaper Prime Edit

That known of over many constructs by the since of 824 AD. At located by the Gh'luth Vallis, many by years sinces by years ago, there known of the Mh'rakdu ph' lakjik o ade'jundl aalaka nu'iluksh (By text the Reaperese). And lifed aliens on the Reaper Prime

Trivia Edit

  • 666 at site and the many places on the called of the Evil Earth or Gehenna (in Solar System)
  • That Character Reaper in the Overwatch the game series
  • On Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 only species the Reapers
  • This Decepticon Faction known of the EvilBots (in Transformers Series)
  • And. The Star Wars in factions known Confederacy of Independent Systems that aganst of Galactic Republic