Chaos, we are the darkness, leave it the galaxy will burn, AND EARTH, YOU MUST DIE! (Chaos Imperials quoted)

The Hand of Death also known of the Gehenna the Darkness and the Chaos Rising of Death an alien starships of 2 weapons is thunderstorm dark planet deaths. First destroyed in 2066 AD is the Korhal (The Planet With No Life After Death).

History Edit

At the Koprulu Sector crisis at the Hand of Death invaded on Kopruluite provinces, that named of sector is the Eye of Terror (Model Koprulu) at captured in 66 SC (Starcraft Calendar) and leaves on Terran Mar Sarans at evacuated on Mar Sara, here is the arrived on the planet Char (2401 AD) At later...

A Terran Species Mar Sara is under attack and secondary destroyed in the 3666 AD after the future, Mar Sara became replaced name of Gehenna. Now of the Eye of Terror Sector, Kopruluite Era ends and now of the Darkness Era.

Specifications Edit

This are diameter is the 4.8 kilometers scaled by Regina Caeli Dreadnoughts. The owners an the named of Satan Azzhab in the Hand of Death.

Weapons is: 2x Thunder Death Killers, 5x Turreted Autocannons and 500x Assault Laser Turrets

At have complement here is the many several units and vehicles, and 900 strike crafts.

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