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The Titanstar also known of the Basestar or Colonystar (because of Super Titanstars) at by many century contructions of the several years of 11st millennium AT and bigger titanships since constructions many some the 21st millennium AT. But located in the Imperium Unicomplex Dyson Sphere (Pistol Star has been located).

Tech 1 Edit


Capricornia Class Supercruiser

Tech 1 known of as the Supercruisers and Superbattleships. In since on year 10055 AT, this known of the Light Titanstar, overscaled by the like as Regina Caeli class dreadnoughts, by constructed on located by the Alfirk Dyson Sphere.

Liked is: Capricornia Supercruiser

Capricornia Supercruiser it's a heavy supercarrier then oversized on Mnemosyne Supercarriers.

Tech 2 Edit


Chalawan Class Titanstar

Tech 2 known of as the Star Defenders, Megaships, and Titanstars. Since on year the 13002 AT, that called will the Medium Titanstars. Unfortunately, will scales by the some there like the Capricornia Supercruisers. Also liked this Chalawan, this class of Titanstar.

Chalawan Class Titanstar, diameters scaled is 1.5 kilometers (15000 meters)

Roles: Titanstar, Megaship

Tech 3 Edit


Emperor Class Star Titanship

Tech 3 appears an the Titanships, Commissioned by year 13693 AT, likes on the Emperor and Iovis, an by should by fair on the Emperor. Meanwhile at home the ecclesiastricals over millions people, that classes called on Titanstars. The specification as.

Emperor Star Titanship, over diameter of 1,9 km (19000 m)

Roles: Commandstar and Titanstar

Also named the Sacrifice on the Future

Tech 4 Edit


Threshold Class Citystar

WARNING! THIS IS AT EXPANDED UNIVERSE ERA ON THE 21ST MILLENNIUM AT THAT WILL ON THE EXPANDS ON TITANSTARS (written by the Alcaeus173). The Tech 4 known is appears the Citystars. Named like the Threshold, over constructed on located by the Imp. Unicomplex (Expanded Universe Era) on year the 21400 AT.

This are the called bridge over with cities is a known Araphelinus.

Threshold Class Citystar

Diameter: 600000 meters (60 kilometers) like a minor moon as the Narvi (dwarf moon of Saturn)

Crew: 2 million people (2225000 people)

Tech 5 (Bigger that Scaled on Moon and Expand Sizes and Bringing the 28177 AT) Edit


The Imperial's Glory

At by the 29th Millennium AT, there complete on the Imperial Unicomplex (Dyson Sphere), that over the scaled on Death Star II (Star Wars VI). An will the expanded the Titanstars there known of the Imperial's Glory this are the Imperial Palaceship, the homeworld of capitolship habitable the ecclesiastricals.

Overscaled the Thabit Class Citystars. Constructed on 28177 AT.

Likes Edit

Tech 1: Capricornia Supercruiser

Tech 2: Chalawan Titanstars

Tech 3: Emperor and Iovis Star Titanships

Tech 4: Threshold, Thabit and Thania CItystars

Tech 5: Anything the Imperial's Glory there is the class Super Titanstar