USS Enterprise G (Eclipse class) has been created by bdfd (Original version: djc) this commisioned of 2501 AD in spacedock of San Francisco Shipyards, there was by previously on USS Enterprise F (Century class, here). And unfortunately, this main by Super-Galaxy class (heavy cruiser type or the explorationship). And destroyed by 2533 AD by the Undine starships (Star Trek: Undine At War Book 4 page 173).

Cause of Destroyed (2533 AD) Edit

By the bionic phaser darkness and anti-matter torpedo. The USS Enterprise G's bridges many destroyed, then by the escape the planet Meridian.

Destroyed By: 4 Undine Cruisers

The Next Enterprise Edit

Own destroyed the USS Enterprise G, by next on commisioned of 2630 AD named of USS Enterprise J of Celestial class. There is coming of September 16 2630 AD

Next on: USS Enterprise F (Century class)

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