This United Nations of Celestia the known as the Humans (Celestians) we've founded of 4012 AD and second founded as (10000 AT), after Orion's Arm Universe has been ended, only the far future universes have colonies of the planets (worlds), do you like colonies in Belle Hades, Charybdis, Vahldrada, Andria, Velestus, New Andoria, et cetera. Many speak of this known is German, English, and Latin (Former world language is Modern Terranic).

Provincial Governments Edit

Germany Edit

This known as capital of Civitas Imperatoris or the Berlin. In history as Adolf Hitler's timeline (1939 AD of WW2). Also of the Kingdom of Germany (Königreich Deutschland). As will do you many histories the Nazi Germany (after Nazi the end), next on Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), known of WW3 and victory is UN, third Germany is Germanic Space Agency (Long time at same of United Nations of Earth), like this planet colonized is Vahldrada on Zavijavan Germanic Exploration. And now of Kingdom of Germany (by present of the Imperium). Berlin replaced on Civitas Imperatoris.

United Kingdom Republic of Terra Edit

Our home the capital of Imperalia Macula City but here is known of London and the Glasgow. History in the known of British Empire, as colonized of the India (WW1 and WW2), unfortunately this not of known is Brittanian League (on Brikwars, Immortal Alliance). Second of United Kingdom as warred of World War 3 period. United Nations of Earth, the known colones will are known is the Tservoda, Gardanah, Ambisargus, Andros, Vanaheim, et cetera. Now in the United Kingdom Republic of Terra called Present Day of Imperium.

Space Marines (Spatium Classiariis) Edit


At located of the planet Selena, at capital the Selena's city is Copernicus City. This many over several thousands to billions of trillions population the Selenian people (at the Moonbase 31). There will at armor is Magnus M-C1 Armoured Chest. Like of Call of Duty (in episode 14, The Celestia), will unfortunately/meanwhile, there is armour like of WW3 armor.


Selena Flag

Imperial Navy Edit


CIN Enterprise

Sol Battleship (main flagship in Celestia), but here constructed in Late of 14th millennium AT (at Selena, Repairstation: Terra) by the commissioned the many years of the After Orion's Arm Era. ALC-443 Enterprise is being destroyed (Almucantar class Starship) by will year the 13051 AT.


Imperial Navy Flag (Yulai Flag)


  • Escort Ships
  • Corvettes and Gunships
  • Frigates and Destroyers
  • Light Cruisers
  • Cruisers
  • Battlecruisers
  • Battleships
  • Heavy Battleships
  • Factory Ships or Support Ships
  • Carriers
  • Dreadnoughts
  • Supercarriers or Motherships
  • Titanships and Cathedralships
  • And Ecclestiastrical Stations

Capital City: Mars, Civitas Judah (Utopia Planitia), and the Yulai (former is Korean Language) aka Bylgja

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